Paper published: Practically best friends?! Agility and ISO 9001

In addition to my keynote of the same name held at the 64TH EOQ Scientific Quality Congress (online) in June, my contribution to the conference proceedings is now published as part of my management series under creative commons. Check out the paper titled "Practically best friends?! Agility and ISO 9001" HERE

You want to know more? This is the abstract:

Agility is considered the silver bullet for survival in the VUCA world. However, many organisations are afraid of endangering their ISO 9001 certificate when introducing agile processes. A joint research project of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover and the DGQ has set itself the goal of providing more security in this area. The findings were based on interviews with managers and team members from various organisations of different sizes and industries working in an agile manner as well as on common audit practices and a literature analysis. The outcome presents a clear distinction of agility from flexibility as well as useful guidelines for the integration of agile processes in QM systems - for QM practitioners and auditors alike.