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When I started to get interested in the development of large organisations, one colleague looked at me sympathetically and said: "Patricia, elephants can‘t fly." That is not true! With dedication, enthusiasm and the right tools you are able to make them fly ...

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Get inspired by keynotes about agile organisational development and multi-cultural management! Are you wondering how to integrate agile processes into your management system? Do you need impulses for successfully merging companies and remaining truly operational during the process? Then you have come to the right speaker! Find out about Patricia Adam's keynotes and her profession as a speaker.
Patricia Adam


Since 2004 Dr. Patricia Adam is Professor for "International Management" at the University of Applied Sciences Hannover. She teaches and researches management systems, intercultural competence and agile processes. In addition, she actively takes part in the academic self-government of the university. In case you want to discover more please go to "About".

Auditor and Consultant

Someone who is fascinated by the interaction of creative people and excellent processes also wants to contribute practically to driving the development of people and management systems. As an auditor for QM systems and an assessor for the EFQM Excellence Model, Patricia Adam leads worldwide assessment processes and facilitates strategy workshops.


Most rececently, Patricia Adam's third book, "Agil in der ISO 9001" was published in the essential series of Springer Gabler (so far only in German). Originally, after finishing her doctoral thesis she had vowed to herself never to write a book again. In 2015, her textbook "Managing Internationalisation" was published by UTB in English.
Patricia Adam


My "agility in QM" approach featured in renowned Quality World, Spring 2023

The article "Agile thinking" by Phil Lattimore, published in the renowned Quality World in its Spring 2023 edition, features my approach for agility in quality management, based on an extensive interview.


"Agile in ISO 9001" published

Finally! The English, expanded version of my Gabler essential was published by Springer. "Agile in ISO 9001 - How to Integrate Agile Processes into Your Quality Management System" is available as pdf, epub and hardcover book.


"Agile practices and agile teams fit perfectly into a quality management system! Process regulation, control and documentation are necessary. But their definition can be far more general, flexible and self-determined than many people realise."

Patricia Adam, Qualität im Focus 01/2019