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You are planning an event and need various information? Each information package deposited here for download contains my profile, a description of the respective keynotes with short biography as well as pictures (portrait and speech). There is also a checklist for technology and location as well as a draft for the official introduction. Of course, you will receive further information any time upon request!


Press Pack "Agile"


Would you like to get an idea of how my keynotes look "live"? Here you can watch videos of my keynotes:


Keynote "Practically best friends", held online at the EOQ Quality Congress 2021

You always wanted to know what agility is actually good for? Watch my 3 minutes video, simpleshow-style.

Keynote "Kern-Fusion", Urania-Theater Berlin August 2018 (German)

Curriculum Vitae etc.

You would like to have more information about me and my skills? Here you will find the condensed version of my CV. A German portrait from the student magazine "nullfünfelf” is also included.


Speaker Profile Patricia Adam

CV Overview Patricia Adam

Certificate Professional Speaker GSA (SHB)

Lecturer Portrait "nullfünfelf" (German)

HAZ Wirtschaftszeitung Interview (German)


Are you interested in my publications? Here you can read up on my book and its additional offers, such as a bilingual glossary with explanations (German/English), slides and exercises with solutions. In addition, particular professional articles can be downloaded free of charge.

Agility and ISO 9001 - Paper submitted for the EOQ Congress 2020

Open Education Publication Project: New textbook Sustainable International Management

Whitepaper "System(at)isch agil", November 2018 (German)

Overview Publication Series “Management”

Textbook "Managing Internationalisation" (2015) and supplementary material

Article "Systematisch fair", Die Bank 5/2014 (German)


Did you attend one of my keynotes recently? I am happy to provide you with a summary of my keynote and some bonus material free of charge. Please use the link provided during the event!