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Make elephants fly!

Do you ask yourself how to integrate agile processes in your management system?

Do you need impulses for successfully merging companies and remaining truly operational during the process?

Grab development drive at my keynotes!

Since 25 years, Patricia Adam gives inspiring lectures and seminars in German and English. She uses a broad variety of active learning methods from line-ups to visualisation with Lego Serious Play. As a certified “professional speaker GSA” (Steinbeis University Berlin) she guaranties motivating keynotes. True to her values * passion *cosmopolitanism * practical relevance * integrity * professionalism Patricia Adam ensures with her keynotes to arouse passion and energy for the personal and organisational development. You can expect entertaining and ironical views on the current practice from an unusual perspective leading to profound solutions for typical practical situations.

Developing organisations creatively

Practically best friends?!

Agile Processes and ISO 9001

The planned chaos

An introduction for agility fans and those who want to become one

Patricia Adam

Gone wild?!

Compulsorily agile in home office

Patricia Adam

The intended flexibility

How to use agile methods in seminars and trainings

Patricia Adam

Easy ISO

Why management standards are pretty cool

Patricia Adam

If you always wanted to know what agility is actually good for: Her video (simpleshow-style) offers you all essential information about agility in only 3 minutes – and then you can join in the conversation. This video is found HERE.

Would you like to know more about what to make of this “agility hype” and if agile work practices are truly beneficial? Maybe, you already fancy agile methods and are not clear how to explain these to your auditor? Do you consider remodelling your processes or departments in order to become more agile and wonder how to find a reasonable approach?

Patricia Adam researched the practical results and challenges of agility by interviewing quality or innovation managers of different kinds of organisations and business sectors. She combined the attained insights with her own experiences from quality audits and a profound analysis of existing theories. The outcome are clear guidelines for a modern approach of an agile development of organisations. The core of her keynotes is a humorous view on practical examples and experiences – some best practices, some more from an “how not to do it” approach. Depending on your interests and your background you can choose between different topics featuring different key aspects of agility. Possible aspects cover the inclusion of agile processes in process oriented models or the choice of fitting control mechanisms as well as “sales arguments” for critical auditors. In addition, typical challenges for agile teams, departments or leaders can be addressed. Do you need an introduction for agility fans, die-hard agility critics or total newbies? All this is possible upon request.

Merging Succesfully

Nuclear fusion

Successful mergers through multi-cultural management

Patricia Adam

The multi-cultural challenge

How to lead merging teams professionally

You want to merge successfully and still be able to function during the process?

You wonder how to reconcile all these different people?

Patricia Adam’s keynotes target merger-weary organisations, their people and leaders. She gets rid of the myth that a brute unification to a dominant culture allow a successful execution. Her personal experience with several mergers, gathered for example during the Allianz/Dresdner Bank merger as member of the central integration office, allows her to draw from a huge stock of experiences. You will get multiple practical tips about useful tools for ensuring a sustainable merge of two different organisational cultures. Be ready for a new perspective and an appeal for an organisation that is multi-cultural at heart!

Specials for power women

Patricia Adam
Patricia Adam
Patricia Adam

If you are one of a few women in a male territory, you are sometimes seen as an alien, especially on a management level. The typical mechanisms of agile or multi-cultural teams function here as well – and could be navigated the same way. Be invited to an expedition through the multi-cultural or agile team world from a woman’s perspective. Learn helpful hints and tricks that encourage a professional and relaxed cooperation.

Note: These specials correspond to the above-mentioned keynotes with special focus on the situation of women as leaders or team members.

This must be said...

"High-risk soccer matches are typically derbys. I think, all of us bankers have to ask themselves, why we consequently pursue derby kinds of mergers and then wonder, why we suddenly have a high-risk merger at our hands."

Patricia Adam, Keynote "Nuclear Fusion"